January 2016: Newshounds report on school in Has It Happens


STUDENTS turned reporters to create their own digital magazine for Year 7 students at Haslingden High School.

They titled their work ‘Has It Happens’ and the publication featured a mixture of articles and interviews, facts and puzzles and much more.

Sixth Form students, along with Year 11, mentored 20 Able, Gifted and Talented Year 7s.

Annie Ryder, 15, said: “We were given a faculty and we mentored the Year 7s. They interviewed teachers and, as literacy leaders, we helped them to work out what to do but they wrote the articles themselves.

“I think it was a good idea to have the Year 11s and older students working with the younger students. It has created a relationship between the years.”

Ewan Spence, 11, said: “I learnt a lot more about the modern foreign languages that I was writing about – French and German – and it made me more interested in those subjects.”

Sara Devine, Literacy Co-ordinator, said: “Has It Happens was produced through after school sessions and the online magazine was distributed to around 265 Year 7 students.”

Olivia Doody, 11, said: “My friends have said it is really good and their parents have read it too.

“I enjoyed the project. It taught me how to make a magazine, work in a team, check my work and promote the magazine when it was finished.”

Emily Wilkinson, 15, said: “I hope that school will continue to do similar projects where older students mentor the younger ones.”