December 2015: Cake makers raise money for Macmillan


CARING Year 8 students from Haslingden High School baked and sold cakes to raise money for the cancer charity Macmillan.

Thirteen-year-olds Holly O’Mara and Cliona Flood raised £220 from the sale.

Holly said: “In assembly we were told that we could use the school facilities for extra things and I thought about organising a charity event. I had heard about the Macmillan coffee mornings and got a pack.”

Cliona had also got a fundraising pack from Macmillan and so they joined forces to organise a cake sale.

Holly said: “We held the sale in the theatre for Years 7 and 8 and we asked friends to help out baking cakes and the catering department also helped.

“We ran the stall and we had help from the prefects.”

Cliona added: “I was overwhelmed by how much we managed to raise – I had only expected to make about £60.”

They are now considering holding another sale on charities day.