October 2015: Puzzling trip unravels mathematics

A MARVELLOUS, inspirational mathematics trip to Anglesey saw students problem solving and learning how to work in a team.

Year 8 students from Haslingden High School spent from Friday to Sunday on the Welsh island where they took part in a host of activities.

Evie Peers, 12, said: “We were split into two groups and we did orienteering first and then we were solving maths puzzles.

“We did a maths relay where we had to run, get a problem, solve it as a team then another member ran to get another.

“The bit I enjoyed most was building a raft and tree climbing.”

Charlie Farrow, 12, said: “I enjoyed when we were blindfolded and one of our team had to guide us along a course and over obstacles. It taught you to trust the other person.”

Charlie admitted he was exhausted when he returned home but he had enjoyed mixing and making friends with students who were not in his lessons.

Maths teacher Jonathan Howarth said: “It was about team building, communication and problem solving skills that an employer is looking for, and the feedback we had has been very positive.”