September 2015: Students take reading to new heights

EXTREME reading by new Year 7 students at Haslingden High School could be seen all over the UK and in Europe.

The challenge was set before students ever arrived at the school, to encourage the school’s new starters to not miss out on reading over the summer months.

They could choose five books from a selection and had to write a short review for each book they read. They also had to take a picture of themselves reading in the most unusual of locations.

For Milly Bolton it was while doing a straddle jump on her trampoline, Ruby Nowell was photographed reading in Spain while Oliver Haigh decided to read his book on the glass room of a high building before boarding a ferry for the Isle of Wight.

Oliver said: “I am generally not afraid of heights but it was a little scary especially when I could see straight through the roof to the building below.”

Ruby said: “I think it is a good idea to have the reading challenge because it makes you do something other than just watching TV and sitting around.”

The most inventive extreme reading pose was taken of Finn Bartram who was snapped reading half-way up a tree in den he had made with friends.