July 2015: Short story writers enter national competition

Rhys and Kimberly

SHORT stories written by Year 8 students were entered into a national competition.

Thirteen-year-olds Rhys Morton and Kimberly Akhtar took part in the National Young Writers Award 2015 organised by Explore Learning, for children aged between five and 14.

Mrs Tillotson, school librarian, asked all of Year 8 students to write a story of up to 500 words about a strange event or peculiar happening.

Rhys, who wants to be an author, wrote about a raven that could see into the future and predicted it by saying just one word like ‘death’ or ‘kidnap’.

Would be journalist Kimberly said: “My story was about aliens that lived in a basement and a boy who was told by his parents never to go down there. He discovers a key to the room, goes inside and finds the aliens.”

They were both delighted to win the school competition for which they got a certificate and a medal.

This year’s competition judge was best-selling children’s author Jonathan Meres, of The World of Norm series.

Both Rhys and Kimberly attend the school’s creative writing after-school club, run by English teacher Miss Devine.