July 2015: Science teacher retires after 39 years at school

HelenDemaineA SCIENCE teacher and head of year is retiring after 39 years at the same school.

Haslingden High School was formed 40 years ago when Haslingden Grammar School and Haslingden Secondary Modern amalgamated and Helen Demaine was one of 10 newly qualified teachers to start at the school, a year later.

“At the time the two sets of teaching staff were just getting used to working together,” she said.

“I originally intended to stay for a couple of years, but I got married to Tony, had four children and stayed living in Helmshore.

“I am now teaching the sons and daughters of parents whom I used to teach.”

Three of her children – twins Adam and Lucy and their sister Katie – all attended Haslingden High School and so Miss was also mum, but Helen never taught them. Her oldest daughter Anna attended Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School.

“I have enjoyed my time here; it has been brilliant,” said Helen, 60. “When I had my children I went part time for 10 years and then came back full time.

“When I started here the headteacher was Richard Marshall and the biggest change I have seen over the years is the uniform, there didn’t used to be a blazer and ties could be messy but now all our students look very smart. There has also been a big improvement in examination results.

“After I finish in the summer, I am looking to return to Haslingden High School to provide cover and I also want to travel. I am planning a trip to New York and will be going to London with friends.

“My granddaughter Gracie is seven months old and I will be visiting Oxford and spending more time with her.”

Helen also plans to do more gardening, walking and reading.