July 2015: Fire safety is at heart of design competition


INGENIOUS products to help prevent fires in the home were devised by teams of students at Haslingden High School as part of the Lionheart Challenge.

Each of the 24 Year 10 teams had 10 or 11 students with two groups being selected as the winners to go on to the regional final at Bolton Wanderers Macron Stadium in October.

In their teams they allocated roles depending on their strengths and the competition was decided by independent judges, comprising Rossendale Councillor and Member for Young People Steve Hughes, Rossendale Rotary Club President Mike Satiar and Secretary David Mann.

One of the winning team’s was led by Hayley Vick, 15. She said: “Using a number of skills we had to come up with a new gadget or product to increase fire prevention.

“Our research found that plugs overheating in sockets was a major cause of fires so we devised a plug that changed colour if it got too hot.

“The plug also sent a message to your mobile phone so you could switch it off remotely from wherever you were.”

Alan Evans, 15, was also in Hayley’s team and presented the team’s ideas to the judges when they visited the table.

Teams had to work up ideas on papers, provide costings for the product and work out projected turnover and profits, before presenting their ideas to the judges.

Olivia Lord, 15, was the scribe on the second winning team and was responsible for documenting their idea. She said: “We created a phone case that would alert the owner if their mobile was getting too hot and automatically shut the phone off to prevent a fire.”

The students are looking forward to the next stage in the competition. In October they will be given a brief and asked to use a computer to design a 3D model before then using PowerPoint to present their solution in the afternoon.

Lionheart is a national enterprise programme.