June 2015: Twins earn university credits for artistic efforts

IDENTICAL twins Alyssia and Amelia Hambleton are only in Year 8 at high school but already have earned points towards a university place.

The 13-year-olds have been attending Blackpool’s Showzam Festival since they were seven and this year organisers arranged a challenge to encourage young visitors to participate in workshops.

The twins, and their friend from Blackpool Nicola Berdall, 13, jumped at the chance and found themselves learning about contortion, making ribbons and learning how to dance with them and they also had lessons in ice skating.

As a result they have both been awarded an Arts Explore Award from Trinity College London, giving them credits towards a university place.

In the Winter Gardens they were modelling hair and Amelia, who earlier this year had her hair cut to make into a wig for The Princess Trust, had her hair styled.

She said: “The hairdresser dyed it green and put a nest and a bird into my hair. I kept it in all day and even when we went out to a restaurant that night.”

After they completed the week of activities Amelia and Alyssia and their friend Nicola gave a presentation on stage about the activities they had got involved with.

Alyssia said: “Through attending Showzam we had met Nicola and so I told them that it was a good place to make friends and the activities meant everyone got involved and you did not feel embarrassed.”

The students are also keen dancers, attending Carol Godby’s Theatre Workshop in Bury were they were awarded a distinction in their latest London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art exam earning them more university credits.

Alyssia would like to become a forensic scientist but Amelia wants to have a career in drama or musical theatre.