June 2015: Breakfast Club puts maths first


FORGET cornflakes and toast, for Haslingden High School students it is fractions and equations for breakfast.

Even though the school day hasn’t started for the day,Year 10 students are hard at work helping Year 8s by providing maths support.

The maths intervention breakfast club is designed to give Year 8s a boost and the older students are enjoying taking on the role of teacher.

Shauna Williamson, 15, said: “We go through different topics; for example equations, fractions, percentages and algebra.

“I enjoy maths and the students can relate to us teaching them and we can relate to them.”

The Year 10s help the Year 8s to go though work books and find different ways of making sure they understand the topic.

Thomas Vickers, 13, said: “Maths is a subject I quite like but I have some maths issues that I am not quite comfortable with some topics, like fractions.

“I find it hard to understand them but these extra sessions have helped.”

Eight Year 10s assist eight Year 8 students and the club runs every Friday from 8.25 through form time until 8.55am.

Charlotte Walmsley, 15, said: “I get to go over topics and also get experience of teaching and leadership. I enjoy it.”