April 2015: Candidates take to hustings in school mock election


ELECTION fever has not just hit the TV screens and social media, it will also take centre stage at Haslingden High School when a mock election is held.

Candidates have been selected and will be on the campaign trail as they hold assemblies in front of every year group to try to garner votes before the school election on May 7.

Year 13 students make up the election candidates: Joe Clegg is representing the Conservatives, Morgan Harper Jones, Liberal Democrat, Molly Harris, Labour and Amelia Mansfield the Green Party.

Three of the candidates, Joe, Morgan and Amelia will also be voting for real on the day as they are all 18 – Amelia by just two days.

They have already held an informal presentation with A level students, many of whom will be eligible to vote for the first time, about what the election is all about, how you go about voting and what the parties stand for.

Amelia said: “I think it is important to vote because everyone always complains about what is going on but if you don’t vote you can’t have your say.”

Morgan said: “We wanted to connect with the younger generation to get them interested in politics before they are able to go and vote and strongly encourage them to do so.”

The candidates have been scrutinising their party’s manifestos in order to present their assemblies.

“Sometimes politicians don’t talk in a language we understand,” said Amelia.

Head of Humanities Karen Powell said it was important for students to experience what it is like voting in an election before they get the chance to vote for real.

“Everyone has been issued with a polling card that they will take to the school polling station and exchange it for a ballot paper,” she said.

“Year 11s will be given a postal vote so they do not have to miss any GCSE lessons. The result will be announced at the end of the day.”

­­Each candidate was asked to sum up why the student and staff electorate should vote for them.

Joe, Conservative, said: “In the last five years we have improved Britain; help us to continue to do that – think of Gordon Brown.”

Morgan, Liberal Democrat, said: “I think the Liberal Democrats make sure we have a green economy for the UK. We will improve all aspects of the UK economy as well as working for businesses.”

Amelia, Green, said: “The Green Party is looking at the bigger picture; how the environment and the economy are going to be in the next 20 years. It is important that you vote for the Green Party – and we would abolish tuition fees.”

Molly, Labour, said: “My party is very fair. It is all about equality and, above all the rest, I think that my party speaks for the majority of people rather than the minority.”