March 2015: Engineering a solution wins trophies


INGENEOUS engineering solutions meant Haslingden High School walked off with two trophies from the Rotary Club’s Annual Technology Tournament.

The Key Stage 4 team were successful again and for the first time the Key Stage 3 students also won their competition.

At Nelson and Colne College, students had to design a structure on a pulley system to allow a box to cross a crocodile infested river via a rope. Older students also had a similar, but more complex task to complete. Schools from Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale took part in the annual competition.

Design Technology Curriculum Leader Craig Greenwood said: “We have been entering the competition for nine years and we have won 12 trophies over that period but this is the first time we have won with the Key Stage 3 team.

“The scenario was there was a flood in Africa and they had to get supplies across a crocodile infested river by use of a rope. They had to design and make a suitable device to get them across.”

Jacob Cowan, from Year 9, said: “We spent a lot of time planning it out and we had to make a portfolio. We made it and tested it, but realised it didn’t work, so with 20 minutes to go we had to alter our design.”

Leon Barker Williams, from Year 9, said: “We changed it from a horizontal to a vertical structure and that gave it more balance. We also weighted it at the bottom because it wasn’t too stable, basing it on a cable car design.”

Not only did they win their competition, the judges also praised their portfolio.

Year 11 student Hollie McElroy was in the winning Key Stage 4 team who devised a squarer structure which also had to drop a weight on to a target. Fortunately their vehicle proved to be stable and they hit the target right in the centre.