February 2015: Ski trip is huge success – thanks to advance lessons

FREE lessons at Ski Rossendale helped beginners gain confidence in preparation for Haslingden High School’s skiing trip.

The biennial trip to Austria was made by 50 students from Years 8 to 11.

The novice skiers were helped by Ski Rossendale providing free lessons ahead of the trip, which certainly assisted Year 8 student Kim Bridgeman.

The 13-year-old said: “I had never been skiing and so had a few lessons at Ski Rossendale beforehand. When I got there and I was skiing on snow I picked it up reasonably quickly although I did have a couple of falls, nothing too serious.

“By the end of the week I went down some of the more difficult red runs and it was really, really good, the views were amazing and it was really pretty.”

For Jacob Ashworth, 14, it was the first time he has skied abroad although his practice at Ski Rossendale and Manchester’s Chill Factore helped.

Ben Blackburn, 14, has previously been on the school skiing trip. He said: “I was with the top group and we went to the top of the mountain first. We were doing the red runs from day two and we did three of the most difficult black runs.

“It was really good and you had to use the blades on the edge of your skis to slow you down as we went down the slopes.

“We also enjoyed different activities after skiing including bowling and a quiz night and getting to know the different people in the group.”

PE teacher Nikki Mongan said: “It was the best skiing trip we have ever had. The group listened to what they were told to do and they all got to know each other really well on the trip.

“The hotel was right next to the slope and it was quieter than when we have been before.

“When they were not skiing we did a range of activities including a marshmallow competition and dancing like Michael Jackson.”