January 2015: Book loving students win reading challenge

BOOKWORMS have been very busy devouring thousands of words in a reading challenge at Haslingden High School.

The winning form from Year 7 was 7E and the winning student was Amy Smith from 7R.
In Year 8 the winning form was 8M and the winning student was Neve Hargreaves 8M.

Three 7E students explained why they love books so much.

Poppy Spencer-Hall, 11, said: “I like Jacqueline Wilson books and I like the ones about sisters because I have an older sister.

“If they have an argument in the book then I see how it works out and if something similar happens in our house I use the techniques I read about in the book.”

“Reading helps you learn more words about different genres,” said Belle Barrett, 12.

“I am reading books by Zoella, a blogger on YouTube and her books are written in the style of a real life diary. You should read for at least half an hour every day because it helps you with different vocabulary and subjects at school.

Twelve-year-old Zara Wilson-Patel is reading a book by John Green ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ about a couple who both have cancer.

“I really like the story and I can feel empathy with the people in the book,” she said. “I read three books during the last term. As soon you find a book that you like you want to read more.”