December 2014: Praise for students success in GCSEs


THE hurricane of change in education was highlighted by the Headteacher of Haslingden High School Mark Jackson at the school’s presentation evening.

As he welcomed back the Class of 2014, Mr Jackson outlined six major changes made to the GCSE system that had all had an impact on their final results.

“No doubt it was a tough time for many of our students,” he said. “No point complaining … you’ve just got to get on with it.

“I do feel students from Haslingden High School are fortunate to have attended, and many of you continue to attend, a school where both achievement and attainment are consistently and genuinely of an extremely high standard.

“We are proud of the fantastic examination results you achieved last year.  66 per cent achieved the benchmark figure of 5+A*-C including English and maths with the national average 52 per cent.

“I am sure that your time at HHS provided you with an excellent platform for the next step in your careers whether that is A levels, vocational qualifications, apprenticeships or employment.”

This year 28 per cent of Haslingden students achieved an A or A* in English language, almost double the national average.

Mr Jackson stressed: “Outstanding schools are not just about passing GCSEs, they are also gaining the necessary skills to be successful in the 21st Century, about the person that has formed and developed over time and the values and beliefs that they hold dear to them.”

Presenting the awards was special guest Ross McWilliam, former commercial manager at Preston North End and now a motivational speaker.

He left school with no qualifications but returned to retake his exams eventually securing a scholarship and studying in Canada for a Masters Degree.

Mr Jackson added: “The capacity for success is within each and every one of you. The ability to shape your own future and achieve success really is in your own hands.”