December 2014: Haslingden twins with Chinese school


SEVEN headteachers from China were guests of Haslingden High School to cement ties with a ‘sister’ school in Nantong, north of Shanghai.

It is hoped that in the future, two-way exchanges can be arranged between the two schools.

Deputy Headteacher Russell Clarke went on a fact finding trip to China during part of the October half-term.

The trip, organised by the Suman Centre in Manchester, involved headteachers from Finland, Canada, America and Australia and the UK.

Mr Clarke said: “While in China we visited different schools and then went to an international conference with guest speakers from different countries.

“We were then asked if we could host a delegation from China and the head teachers came to visit us at Haslingden High School.

“They were on a week-long visit and saw what it is like to be in an English school. They met staff and students, went into some lessons, held question and answer sessions and saw how we manage the school.

“The visitors are looking at introducing more creative teaching and learning approaches. They currently have 12-14 hour school days.”

Sixth Form student Dawn Lee acted as interpreter for the school’s visitors.

Mr Clarke said: “Our first objective is to get the English and Chinese students communicating with each other by writing, or using email and social media.

“The benefits will be that they will learn more about a different culture and we will discover more about their leadership and their government’s approach to educating children. We will both benefit.”