November 2014: Science field trip brings subject to life


ROOTING through rock pools and examining stream life gave Sixth Form students a chance to see biology in action.

Seventeen A-level students from Haslingden High School went on a four-day field trip to Betws-y-Coed in Wales.

Isla Taylor, 17, said: “It was really useful and now when we go through exam papers in class, we really understand the subject better because of the field trip.”

Jade Street, 17, said: “the first day was really good fun because we were looking at different sea creatures in the rock pools.

“Then we went on to explore a stream and we had to hold a net while another person kicked the floor of the stream to disturb the invertebrates. We had to do this 160 times!”

Isla said she particularly enjoyed looking at the creatures they had found under the microscope and identifying what they were.

The students also placed traps to catch small mammals and Isla and Jade were the only successful ones to capture a vole.

They also investigated mosses and lichen growing on trees.