October 2014: Personal trainer knocks Year 7 form into shape


FITNESS will be no issue for one form at Haslingden High School especially as they have their own personal trainer.

Year 7 form tutor Philip Rawlinson has arranged for Colin Lever from Riverside Health Club in Rawtenstall to put his form through their paces.

He said: “We are the first form in the history of this school to have its own personal trainer.

“We are looking at the topic of health and fitness and as part of that we got talking out exercise and I decided to get the form its own trainer.”

Colin will be attending a number of lessons but has already put the class through a rigorous regime.

Jack Nuttall, 11, said: “We did different types of fitness called Metafit and we had to do a series of exercises. We did three minutes on one exercise, then had about five second rest and then three minutes on another.

“When we had finished I thought I was about to die although I do think that we all benefited from the exercises.”

Mr Rawlinson said: “The students were absolutely amazing and they did a lot of exercises that people struggle with but they were determined to give it a go. I am very proud of all of them.”