October 2014: Government adviser gets RE tips from Haslingden High School


LESSONS observed at Haslingden High School will be helping to shape the way Religious Education is taught across the country.

Department for Education policy adviser Lyndsay Walsh visited the school’s RE department to get a better understanding of how policy that is devised at the department plays out in the ‘real world’.

Head of RE Ben Wood said: “We wanted to show her what high quality RE teaching looks like in a school and the impact it has on students’ learning and education.

“She was with us for a day and she observed lessons and then met with Year 10 RE ambassadors and they presented to Lyndsay what they saw as both the value and importance of RE.

“Their focus was that in RE through the in depth study of different religions, beliefs, values and points of view, students develop their own views in response, something that is a particularly prominent part of RE.

“She went on to talk to members of staff and left the school with a positive impression of how good RE can be when it has academic focus.

“We also stressed the importance of good religious education so students know about religion and beliefs and understand the world around them.

Mr Wood is one of 20 teachers on an Expert Advisory Group, set up to assist with the implementation of the new curriculum framework and he was also selected to chair the secondary teachers’ working party.

As well as visiting Haslingden High, Ms Walsh is also observing RE teaching at a primary school in Burnley before reporting back to the Department for Education.

Mr Wood added: “She looked at assessment, the role of RE and the importance of RE and will take forward what she saw to advise Ministers.”