October 2014: Artist workshops prove to be a Big Draw

STUDENTS created their own artwork as part of a national drawing festival called The Big Draw.

All year groups in Haslingden High School were invited to take part in a series of pop-up workshops held during break, at lunchtime and after school and in total 600 students attended many creating their own artwork.

Head of Visual Arts Sally Tembo said: “It is important to encourage people to draw for leisure as well as for academic study and that is what is good about The Big Draw.

“A lot of people find drawing a very good way of expressing their emotions and creativity.”

The school’s able, gifted and talented students helped to create giant banners to be displayed in school.

Abbie Melvin, 12, explained: “For the background we used oil pastels to create Z temple patterns. I enjoyed the creativity of drawing it all and I think it looks really good.”

As well as the banners, during the lunchtime workshops students decorated 60 sticky notes with different designs and these were put together to form a giant picture.

Mrs Temple added: “Many activities and workshops go on across the UK in many different types of institutions and community settings.

“Drawing for pleasure is encouraged as well as creativity and originality. We used a range of media from the size of a sticky note to large rolls of paper, iPad drawing and a range of artistic apps.”