October 2014: Our badge is a living history lesson


The badge is made up of different colours and symbols to depict different aspects of our area.

Firstly the blue stripe across the middle represents the River Irwell while the shuttle in the middle of the blue band represents the weaving shuttles that were used in the cotton mills, when cotton production was a major industry in the town.

The bottom right quarter of the badge shows a pick axe, shovel and a chain and this symbolises the quarrying and mining of stone that is still carried out in this area today.

If you look at the bottom left quarter you will see the badge contains a cog which represents the engineering developments that took place during the industrial revolution when the mills were powered by water wheels.

Looking up to the top right hand quarter you can see six eagles, and these represent the six parishes of Haslingden.

In the centre of the crest is the red rose, which is the symbol of Lancashire, while the top left of the shield shows the lion rampant holding a cinquefoil ermine. It is believed these represent hope and joy.

If you have any information about the badge or would like to share your memories please contact Suzanne Ridgway, PA to the Deputy Headteachers, via email: sridgway@haslingdenhigh.com