October 2014: Maths students puzzle it out

EIGHTY Year 8 students from Haslingden High School enjoyed a hectic maths weekend filled with puzzles and activities.

Most of the time the students didn’t even realise they were learning maths as they bid in an auction for parts to make a raft, then engineered its construction.

They completed puzzles and quizzes and worked as a team with students they did not know well to earn points for the auction.

James Robinson, 12, said: “We went to the Conway Centre on Anglesey and we worked in eight groups with 10 in each team.

“The weekend was amazing. It was lots of fun and you couldn’t really think about missing home because we were having too much fun.”

Outdoor activities included abseiling, canoeing, orienteering and completing an obstacle course.

Maths teacher Jon Howarth said: “When students went kayaking they had to work out how far they had travelled in a set time and then use that calculation to work out how long it would take to go around Anglesey.

“They did a lot of maths without knowing it.”

Jade Paolo-Yeoman, 12, said: “I made lots of new friends and got to know everyone better.”