May 2014: School in bid to have own pop-up pool


A HIGH school is hoping to secure a pop-up pool after launching an after school swimming club known as the ‘Haslingden Aces’.

Haslingden High School is looking to bid for a Pool 4 School from British Gas, which would allow it to add an extra dimension to sporting lessons.

Thursday’s new club at Marl Pits in Rawtenstall was introduced by Deputy Headteacher Gill Smith, who is also a voluntary swimming instructor at Ramsbottom Rascals Swimming Club.

The school discovered that many of the students have an interest in the sport outside of school and some staff are trained swimming coaches.

If successful in the application to British Gas, Haslingden High School would get the temporary pop-up pool for a term.

Two keen members of the new swimming club are 13-year-olds Eden Forth and Adam Nelson.

Eden has been swimming with Pioneer 79 at Accrington Academy for six years and was voted swimmer of the year.

He said: “Swimming is good because it keeps you fit and it is a good hobby. It could also save your life. I would like to become a swimming instructor.”

Year 8 Adam Nelson has been a member of Ramsbottom Rascals Amateur Swimming Club for nearly four years.

“I moved from Marl Pits to Ramsbottom because it was more competitive,” he said.

“Two years ago I was in the final of the under 12s Central Lancs competition and I won the interclub competition for crawl and backstroke.

“Having a swimming club at school is good because it a different sport and not just football and cricket.”

The school is hoping to set up galas with other schools that also have swimming teams.

Mrs Smith said: “I am delighted with the popularity of the new swimming club.  In fact we are already over-subscribed and will be seeking further opportunities to run additional sessions.  Students have responded very positively and we have even managed to attract some staff to come along and have some swim coaching!”

She is helped in the running of the club by science teacher Philip Rawlinson and PE teacher Nicola Mongan.