March 2014: Student Zak is open book to psychologist

edge hill (1)

STUDENT Zak Marshall found himself being analysed by a professional when he attended a psychology taster session at Edge Hill University.

The Haslingden High School student was invited to the stage where Geoff Beattie, a professor at Edge Hill, explained all his mannerisms in front of his peers from Year 12 leaving him feeling like he was an open book.

Zak said: “As soon as I got on the stage he remarked on how I had smiled and explained that it was an attempt to hide my embarrassment at being asked up. Everything I did he analysed and I found myself becoming very self-conscious.”

Professor Beattie is best known for his work on non verbal communication and he was the resident psychologist on Big Brother for several years.

He is frequently on television and is known for his analysis of politicians and their relationships.

The students also got to meet the Head of Psychology Professor Derek Heim who has carried out research into the social and cultural influences on substance use, health and well-being.

Morgan Harper-Jones said: “We listened to two lectures and toured the campus; it has made me more interested in psychology and it is now a subject I am considering as a strong possibility.”

Zak said: “It is nice to have a lecture delivered by a professor and they covered different topics to those we have studied at AS level. I am considering psychology for further study.”