March 2014: Autographed books make students’ day

STUDENTS came face-to-face with their author heroes at a special event for World Book Day.

Haslingden High School sent 50 Year 7 and 8 students to King George’s Hall in Blackburn for the World Book Day Fest.

Alyssia Hambleton, 11, said: “Lots of different authors and illustrators were on the stage and each gave a speech about themselves for about 10 minutes.

“One of the authors was also an illustrator and he told us he creates characters for CBBC including Bob the Builder.

“They gave us tips about how to write a story and one gave us tips on how to draw a dog. I read a lot but I don’t particularly like writing.”

Although Alyssia’s favourite authors JK Rowling and Jacqueline Wilson were not there, there were plenty of authors whose books she had read including Cathy Cassidy.

For 11-year-old Alex Hicks it was a chance to meet his hero as he reads ‘The World of Norm’ series of books by Jonathan Meres and he got to buy the fourth book ‘May Require Batteries’ and get it personally autographed.

He said: “I have been reading his books for ages and always wanted to meet him. I told him his books are really funny and they make me laugh.”



        Treasured possessions: Alyssia Hambleton and Alex Hicks, both 11, with their autographed            books from the World Book Day Fest.