November 2013: Students help reunite iPhone with owner

WHEN two Haslingden High School students found a new iPhone on a bus they set about returning it to its owner.

George Lukaszyk, 15, and Sam Collinge, 14, were travelling on the Bacup to Weir bus when they spotted the phone and headphones.

When they found it was unlocked they rang the contact listed as ‘Mum’ and explained what had happened.

Then they took a photograph of themselves and set it as the owner’s background before handing the phone to the bus driver who promised to return it.

George and Sam then got a shock when they went into Year 9 assembly.

George said: “It was announced that we had found the phone belonging to a student at Wardle High School and that we had done the right thing by returning it.  The owner’s mum had contacted our school to say thank you.

“Then on the huge screen that cheesy photograph we had taken was flashed up in front of the entire Year 9s – she must have sent it to school with the email.”

They have now both been rewarded by school with a Gold Merit.