December 2012: No illusion as students watch Derren Brown in action

SIXTH Form students enjoyed a trip to see psychological illusionist Derren Brown to help support them with their studies in school.

A total of 35 students were lucky enough to see Derren’s show in Liverpool where they learnt how he uses a series of tricks and clever observations to appear to be reading people’s minds.

Psychology teacher Mrs Ferris said: “When he was asking questions he was observing how people’s throats would change. By doing this, even though they were not saying a person’s name out loud, he could work out what letters they were forming.

“He got the answers right all the time. It highlights how people who are vulnerable and want to speak to someone who has died can be taken in.”

Attending the show will help the students next year when they will be studying anomalistic psychology, the study of mediumship, extra sensory perception and psychological kinesis.

Year 12 Psychology student Sam Coleman said: “He figured out this man had a knee injury just from the way he was standing.”

Law students also attended the show as they have to consider explanations for defences including hypnotism.

Some students also got to go on stage and participated in the performance.