December 2012: The only way is reading… according to Kirsty

kirsty.jpg BOOKWORM Kirsty Street’s clever slogan to promote Lancashire Book of the Year 2013 will soon be visible in 80 high schools and 74 libraries.

The Year 9 student came up with the slogan ‘The Only Way Is Reading’ and judges picked her suggestion as the best.

Kirsty said: “I am really happy that they picked my slogan. I was thinking about ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ and came up with ‘The Only Way Is Reading’ because I thought about how it has a deeper meaning.

“If you want to go somewhere you can do it physically or you can get there by reading a book and going there in your own mind.

“If you get a really good book you can feel like you are experiencing what is happening in the book.”

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