December 2012: Students give up days off to improve their maths

STUDENTS gave up some of their half-term holiday to attend maths booster sessions to improve their chances of gaining their GCSE.

The school arranged for Pet-Xi to deliver a five-day maths revision programme to twenty Year 11 students, which included attending school for two days during half-term.

And two of the students Laura Doherty and Courtney Francis said the course had boosted their confidence.

Laura said: “We didn’t feel comfortable with some of the maths that we needed to understand.

“It was different to being in school because the Pet-Xi teachers were more relaxed and we could call them by their first names.”

Courtney added: “They taught us different methods that we had never come across before and it made us feel more confident.”

Each day students completed a test in the morning to see how confident they were on an aspect of maths and then at the end of the day they were reassessed. All found they had made huge improvements.

The students have now sat their final GCSE maths papers and are awaiting their results.