December 2012: PTFA back Expressive Arts

NEW instruments and more studio equipment will be provided for our Expressive Arts Faculty this year thanks to the School’s PTFA.

Already, money raised at events, including a Hallowe’en disco for Years 7 and 8 and from the sales of refreshments at the school production of Soul Sister, has enabled the faculty to buy a much needed new piano and stool.

Secretary of the PTFA, Ms Jude Norman said: “For the next 12 months we will be supporting the Expressive Arts Faculty, after we were approached by Mr Gibbs, Head of Faculty, and Mr Gleeson, Head of Music.

“We have already provided £1193 for the piano and stool and the faculty has another £850 available to spend.

“At the forthcoming Music For Youth festival, which is being hosted at our school, we will be selling pies and peas to help raise more funds.”