GCSE History Trip

THE First World War came to life when history GCSE students visited London and saw the stage adaptation of War Horse.

The Michael Morpurgo book, which is now also a film, uses puppeteers to give life to the horses and Year 11 students who had seen the film said the stage version was even better.

Jake Hobson said: “It told more of the story from the horses’ perspective where as the film concentrates on the people. The horses became proper characters.”

Amelia Mansfield added: “After a while the puppeteers just blended into the background and you didn’t realise they were there.”

Students on the two-day trip also went to the Cabinet War Museum and the National Army Museum where there was an exhibition about War Horse.

Amelia added: “Going to the museums gave us a better insight into history.”

History teacher Mrs Pollard said: “I had taken a trip there before and I wanted the students to enjoy an interesting way of finalising their GCSE studies.”