December 2012: Exciting times as students try out watersports

BUILDING a raft and sailing it from Salford Quays along the canal was a highlight for students on Haslingden High School’s Key Skills course.

Head of Learning Support Mrs Duplain said: “I have been taking students to Salford Quays for 10 years and the water sports activities are really popular.

“There were four students who have now been identified as non-swimmers and the school has paid for them to have swimming lessons every Monday.”

Students from Years 9, 10 and 11 made the trip and all the students wore life jackets while they were on the raft and in the kayaks.

Louis Gallagher, 14, Michael Raby, 13, and Callum Honby, 13, loved the trip.

They were among the team of six who made the raft using barrels and rope.

Callum said: “Our raft floated and we also found out that Michael floated too.”

Louis said: “We had four students on each side using paddles and two in the middle. The instructors kept coming towards us in the speedboat causing a wake trying to knock us off the raft. Then Michael fell in.”