December 2012: Ensuring students stay safe on the ’Net

INTERNET safety was top of the curriculum for students when they were quizzed to find out just how much they knew.

For the fourth successive year, the school has taken part in National Safer Internet Day and this year’s theme was ‘Connect With Respect’.

Molly Blake, from Year 8, said: “We had a quiz to do and it was enlightening. I answered quite a few of the questions and it told me what was safe and what wasn’t.

“It was a worthwhile quiz to do and it made you think about the kind of information you should put on internet sites and what you should not.”

The quiz includes questions about social networking, online content, gaming and mobiles and ICT teacher Miss Hewitt said the scores ranged from 50 to 120 out of 120.

She said: “As an ICT teacher this lets me know how important it is to keep working on making sure that our students have the information they need to stay safe in cyberspace and to ensure that they are aware of their ‘digital footprint’.”