December 2012: Dingy dungeons delight Year 7 students

HUNDREDS of Year 7 students went on an historical trip to explore Medieval Skipton Castle.

The 900-year-old Yorkshire castle is in a remarkable condition but the best part for Tomas Anton-Meehan was the dingy dungeon when ‘Sir’ turned off the lights.

“I got to spook my friends in the dungeon because of the power of carrots and my night vision!” He said.

“We had a really good guide and I liked learning about the history of the castle and it also had a good gift shop!”

Freya Nash said: “I thought it was a really good experience and we could see how people lived in those days. It was a bit weird to think about people being in the dark in the dungeon just waiting to find out their punishment.

History teacher Mr Tilley said: “We had groups of between 68 and 72 students from Year 7 visit the castle over three days and we fought snow and blizzards.”

The students learned the origin of commonly used phrases such as sleep tight and mind the bed bugs.